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Our Lobsters

European Lobster (homarus gammarus) is famous for it's superior lobster flavour!

Our fresh wild European Lobsters are caught wild in Lobster Pots by the shell fishing fleet at Bridlington in East Yorkshire, England. The shell fishing fleet consists of small boats which set out to sea and return with a fresh catch daily.

Transportation of Lobsters to our holding tanks is in fresh cold seawater (never tap water or loose ice). The sea water is kept cold with sealed ice packs so the Lobsters never come into contact with fresh water.

North Sea Export Lobster

Our standard grade sizes

  • 400g/600g Lobster
  • 600g/800g Lobster
  • 800g/1.2Kg Lobster
  • 1.2Kg/1.5Kg Lobster
  • 1.5Kg + Lobster


export lobster banding The claws must be kept banded at all times!
Lobsters are handled with great care and only picked up by the Carapace (the back) to prevent damage - never by the tail which can be dangerous! export lobster handling
export lobster sizing The Lobster Carapace is measured to make sure it meets the minimum size allowed under DEFRA regulations. Sustainability in supply is important to us.
The Lobsters are graded by size and carefully placed into the relevant holding tanks tail first. export lobster grading

Lobster Holding Tanks

The holding tanks contain sea water that is filtered, oxygenated and chilled to keep the lobsters healthy and fresh and minimizing their stress.

export lobster tanks export lobsters
export lobster tanking export lobster storage





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We export Lobster (homarus gammarus / vulgaris) Langosta Homard Aragosta


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