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Lobster Export

We can export Fresh Wild European Lobster by Road Transport or by Air.

Packing of Lobsters for export

Packaging of Lobsters is in a Polystyrene Box with Sealed Ice Packs in the bottom covered with a thick layer of paper. The Lobsters are placed sideways the right way up with their claws banded and then covered in paper that has been soaked in fresh seawater to keep them moist. export lobster packing

Logistics for Lobster Export

We match the best logistics option to the needs of the lobster and the preferences of our clients.

All Year Reliability. We use routes from local airports and ground shippers that work professionally and ensure the safe job of exporting fresh lobster in a temperature controlled manner to the customer.

Cost effectiveness is important too! We want our customers to receive great fresh Lobster at a reasonable cost and our regular export of fresh lobster means we can arrange great shipping rates.

Destinations. We export worldwide with largest volumes or lobster exports going to France, Spain, Italy.

Existing Distributor

We have a distributor for our export lobsters in Spain


Refrigerated Transport is always used

export lobster packing export lobsters
export lobster export lobster
export lobster loading export lobster transport

Export Lobster, Bridlington Lobster, Yorkshire Lobster, European Lobster, Fresh Wild Lobster

We export Lobster (homarus gammarus / vulgaris) Langosta Homard Aragosta


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